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There are just 19 short days for the release of Valve’s card game, Artifact. The game releases on the 28th of November 2018 and for those who have the beta key, it will be available to play on the 29th of November. With the community excited for the release, a lot of tools have been coming up from people in the community to support the game. My favorite of all these is the deck builder, where you can construct your deck, write up a few details on what’s going through your mind and share it with the rest of the community. Coming back on track though, the Artifact team was really impressed by all the initiatives the community was showing and how excited everyone is and decided to help the community with a few tools from their side.

“In order to support the community’s efforts, today we’re opening some public APIs for those building tools. There are two components to this:

  • The CardSet WebAPI supports direct retrieval of all images and text for all cards as they are released.

  • The deck code API and source, viewable on GitHub, will make it easier for players and community sites to share deck codes. Any valid deck code can be pasted directly into the client or viewed online in our online deck viewer. “

The online deck viewer (

There already has been a lot of theory crafting of decks, but once the game releases, it is bound to go up exponentially. These APIs will come in really handy then, especially the deck code API which will make it easier for players to share decks with each other.

Not a lot of days for the game to release, so if you’re lagging in your Artifact knowledge, make sure you go through VPEsports’ walk throughs on the game and the types of decks!


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