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Europe’s Valorant Rank 1, Yasi ‘Nisay‘ Gök, has been banned by Riot Games and will not be allowed to compete this year 2021, apart from losing several ranges in the ranked game’s ladder.

This ban has been quite unusual, as it is not the first time that the videogame company punishes Nisay: last February 2nd, the Turkish player found out that his account had been demoted several ranges (from Radiant to Immortal), because, according to the report, he had cheated.

Cheaters are one of the biggest problems in Riot Games’ Shooter, and the company takes these things very seriously, so no exceptions are being made, and the punishments are severe.

After the decision of punishing ‘Nisay’ for using hacks was confirmed, Besiktas Esports has lost one of their stars (they announced to be parting ways with him), and the Turkish player will spend the whole year 2021 out of the competitive scene.

According to the player, who has expressed his personal opinion about this matter through a Twitlonger, this is just a strategy from Riot Games to answer to the community’s pressure, so it looks like they are actually working on this problem, because “if evidence of such allegations had been found, this sanction would be permanent” – Nisay says.

While Nisay complains about the lack of evidence to make this decision and punish him, Besiktas still has not cleared the future of its competitive roster, and Riot Games does not show signs of stepping back.

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