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  • SKT defeat RNG in 45-minute slaughterfest in the best game of Worlds 2019 so far

    While the 2019 League of Legends World Championship has produced many memorable moments already, none can match what transpired as

    Uzi at Worlds 2019: "Every time I come to Worlds, it makes me nervous. I really enjoy the stage but I'm nervous."

    Royal Never Give Up are off to a great start at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, having beaten

    RNG begin their Worlds 2019 campaign with win over Clutch Gaming

    LPL's Royal Never Give Up defeated LCS third seed Clutch Gaming in both teams' debut match of the 2019 League

    Fenrir joins Royal Never Give Up

    With about one week to go before the post TI9-shuffle deadline, the Chinese teams are quick to announce their final

    RNG Karsa doesn't want to set goals for Worlds 2019: "Let's take it one step at a time."

    Royal Never Give Up's jungler Hung "Karsa" Hau-Hsuan is on his way to his fifth League of Legends World Championship

    RNG-Fade-Vici Gaming post TI9 shuffle drama in quotes

    Vici Gaming’s captain, Pan "Fade" Yi is at the centre of the Chinese post TI9 shuffle drama. Earlier today he

    Shyvana jungle and a monstrous Uzi define the LPL Summer quarterfinals

    The LPL Summer Playoffs is now in the semifinals and only four teams remain. The play resumes this Saturday, August

    RNG TI9 Interview: "Before we played, we were expecting top 6 or top 8"

    Royal Never Give Up may have been eliminated from The International 2019, but the Chinese squad definitely exceeded what was

    TI9 Monet interview: “We are hungry for success [...] after all, we have 0% playoffs win rate”

    Royal Never Give Up, an organization with a huge fan base in China courtesy of their successful League of Legends

    RNG write the underdog story at TI9 by eliminating in the 9th-12th place

    It’s another year for with a poor run at the biggest Dota 2 tournament. TI9 ends for the CIS

    Alliance misscliks in the TI9 BO1 elimination match to end their run 13th-16th

    Day one of the TI9 Main Event reached the high tension best-of-one first round of the lower bracket series. The day

    TI9 team profile: RNG, Ogre Magi’s game of fortune

    Although they had previous attempts to enter the Dota 2 world, Royal never Give Up didn’t make a mark in