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I thought I’d talk about the use of enjoyment in competitive gaming. You often hear the line that those who enjoy the game seem to play better. There is a reason for this. Enjoyment like confidence is both a cause and symptom of good play. The reason is because if you enjoy the game that always means you are more invested. The more invested you are, the faster you are able to process and come to decisions. Whereas with confidence, you have stronger convictions in what moves you make and the purity or purpose makes the player less hesitant when they make a call. As is often noted, it is better to execute an okay plan violently than it is to execute the perfect plan half-heartedly.


On the flip-side of that if you don’t enjoy the game, you become less invested. The less invested you are, the more like work it becomes. At that point if you’ve ever worked you will realize that is is drudgery and it becomes much harder to learn or improve in those circumstances. (Though professionals will be able to short circuit this after they realize scrims/pracc results don’t matter and it is how they learn and the efficacy of it that matters than percentage wins). This is especially as most competitive people either love winning or hate losing (or both). So when you have those emotional highs and lows it becomes harder to focus, the harder to focus the worse you perform.


It’s often why you see some players form correlate close to how happy they are. Shox is a prime example in CS:GO. Notail is an example from Dota 2. Though there are cases where people are black holes in terms of personality and come perform fairly well like Crown from League of Legends.

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