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In the growing world of esports, an old game that is rising slowly but surely to prominence is Age of Empires II. Microsoft launched Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in November 2019, which gave a new and improved look to the old game with a bunch of added features and it is looking like an uphill ride for the AoE franchise.

The most recent tournament that took place was was Red Bull Wololo, an online tournament with a €20,000 prize pool. Eight players were invited while eight made their way through the qualifiers to form a 16 player single elimination bracket. One of the invited players, Mr_Yo from China, achieved a first place finish by beating TheViper 4-0 in the finals! This is a bit of a surprising result as TheViper had beaten Mr_Yo in their last eight meetings. But today was not the Norwegian’s day as the man from China was one step ahead of him in every game.

The tournament was played on a new game mode called Empire Wars, where players started directly in Feudal Age with 27 villagers to make the game dynamic and exciting right from the start. The maximum allowed game time was 58:16, after which the player with the higher score was alloted the victory.

TheViper seemed to be in good form throughout the tournament, especially heading into the finals, as he defeated Hera 3-0 in the semifinals. Hera is regarded as one of the best players in the world, which makes Mr_Yo’s demolition of the TheViper even more spectacular. These were the maps and civilizations for the best of 7 finals:

Game 1: Arabia
Mr_Yo: Mayans, TheViper: Khmer

Game 2: Golden Pit
Mr_Yo: Saracens, TheViper: Cumans

Game 3: Aztlan
Mr_Yo: Malians, TheViper: Indians

Game 4: Land Madness
Mr_Yo: Slavs, TheViper: Teutons

The next tournament on the horizon is Battle of Africa, which starts on the 10th of May. It is a 3 v 3 tournament, so it is bound to be completely different from Red Bull Wololo but should still bring the same level of entertainment.

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