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Riot Games has already launched the last update for Legends of Runeterra, Patch 2.1.0, which brings the Aphelios Champion Expansion, alongside new features to celebrate the Lunar New Year, some Card Updates, and new Personalization stuff.

In our last article, we showed you the Card Gallery that the new Expansion has brought to the game, and here we will show you the rest of the news coming with this new update… let’s go!

Lunar Celebration


To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Riot Games gives us the chance to log in over 7 days during the Lunar Celebration event period, so we can earn rewards!

The first reward will be a free copy of Aphelios, the new Champion, but if you complete the new Lunar Celebration Quest each day, you can win even more rewards. Make it seven Lunar Celebration Quests, and you will earn the Year of the Ox Card Back.

Card Updates


  • Miss Fortune (Level 2): Overwhelm removed after leveling up.
  • Viktor (Level 1): Level Up Requirement “You have played 8+ created cards” changes to “You have played 7+ created cards”; Change – now Viktor creates a Hex Core Upgrade on both Play and Round Start.
  • Viktor (Level 2): Change – now creates a Hex Core Upgrade on both Play and Round Start.

Followers, Landmarks, & Spells

  • The Grand Plaza: “When an ally is summoned, give it +1|+1 and Challenger this round” changes to “When an ally is summoned, give it +1|+0 and Challenger this round”.
  • War Chefs: its base stats change from 1|3 to 2|2.
  • Homecoming: its cost is reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Greenglade Elder: its base stats change from 1|1 to 3|1.
  • Captain Farron: “When I’m summoned, create 3 Decimates in hand” changes to “When I’m summoned, create 2 Decimates in hand”.
  • Blade of the Exile: its cost is reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Blade Squire: its base stats change from 1|2 to 2|1.
  • Hush: its cost increases from 2 to 3.
  • Pale Cascade / Diana’s Pale Cascade: “Give an ally +2|+1 this round. Nightfall: Draw 1” changes to “Give an ally +1|+1 this round. Nightfall: Draw 1”.

New Single-Player Legends Lab: Lab of Legends

The new Patch brings a new rotation to Multilab: Lab of Legends, United Front, and Quick Draw.

The new Lab, Lab of Legends, is a game experience that focuses on progression, customization, and adaptation. You will get to choose between 8 different Champions, each with their own premade deck, to face a series of increasingly-difficult encounters.

As you progress, you will earn new cards, passive abilities, and items to power up your cards and face every encounter, but heads up! your Nexus health carries over between rounds and is only refilled after a Boss encounter.

If you manage to finish the run, you will earn a unique icon based on your selected Champion.


Boards: Club Ox


Guardians – Lunar Beast


Card Backs

Fortune’s Faithful


Fortune’s Bounty


The Beast


New Emotes




The Lunar Beast Bundle is available in the store for 2394 Coins and includes: Club Ox Board, Lunar Beast Guardian, The Beast Card Back, and an Exclusive Firecracker T-Hex Guardian Variant.

Deck Bundles



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