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The reveal season for Legends of Runeterra’s ‘Cosmic Creation’ is still underway and Riot Games continues to show us the news that will arrive in less than a week when the event is officially launched.

Until this day, we have seen the new keyword, Augment, the introduction of Viktor to the Champion roster, and a pack of new cards from Freljord, Ionia, and Bilgewater, that we spoke about in the previous article.

And now, a new pack of cards has been revealed by Riot. The announcement includes seven new cards that belong to the regions of Demacia, Shadow Isles, and Targon.

Welcome to The Grand Plaza, Captain Arrika, Evershade Stalker, Pesky Specter, Moonlight Affliction, Solari Sunforger, and Targon’s Peak.

Let’s take a look at them all:

The Grand Plaza

This card is a three-mana cost epic Landmark that grants an ally +1|+1 in stats when it is summoned, and also gives it Challenger for one round. The Grand Plaza belongs to the region of Demacia.

Captain Arrika

This is an eight-mana cost rare unit with 6|6 stats and Spellshield, which comes along the ‘Play’ ability: allows us to capture a unit or Landmark. The Captain comes from Demacia as well.

Evershade Stalker

This is a two-mana cost epic unit with 2|2 in stats that belongs to the Shadow Isles. It features Ephemeral, Fearsome, and Can’t Block, alongside the ‘Nightfall’ ability, which creates a copy of itself in hand.

Pesky Specter

Coming from the Shadow Isles too, Pesky Specter is a zero-mana cost common card with 1|1 in stats and Ephemeral. Its ability, ‘LastBreath’, creates two copies of itself in the enemy deck.

Moonlight Affliction

This is a five-mana cost common Burst spell that silences two enemy units for one round and also has the ‘Nightfall’ ability, which prevents these two enemy units to block for the round. This spell belongs to the Targon roster.

Solari Sunforger

This card is a four-mana cost common unit with 5|4 in stats and from the region of Targon. Its ability, ‘Daybreak’, grants itself Lifesteal for one round.

Targon’s Peak

This is a five-mana cost epic Landmark with the ‘Round Start’ ability, which reduces the cost of a random card in each player’s hand to zero for the round.

The ‘Cosmic Creation’ Expansion will hit the live servers next week on December 16th.

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