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Santorin unable to compete in 2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown finals against Cloud9, Armao to start for Liquid

After sweeping TSM yesterday, Armao will rejoin the fray as Santorin recovers.

FPX win intense semifinals series 3-2 over EDG in 2021 LPL Spring Playoffs

The series was all about early leads and jungle plays.

Jensen locks in Annie for first time in 6 LCS seasons during 2021 Mid-Season Showdown

Liquid were the last team to pick Annie in the LCS back in 2015.

Rogue make history by taking down G2 Esports, advance to 2021 LEC Spring Finals

The boys in blue played a stellar series.

LEC, VCT NA, and LCS were most popular tournaments in March among English-speaking viewers

Europe's competitive League of Legends scene stood tall throughout the month.

Rogue vs. G2: The potential dawn of a new era for the LEC in the losers bracket final

Who will be joining MAD Lions in the Spring Split finals?

What to look forward to this weekend for the PCS 2021 Spring Split playoffs

We're neck-deep in the PCS 2021 Spring Split playoffs right now as two more teams will be sent home by

Poppy and Ezreal player synchronize ultimates to secure a unique kill

The opposing Darius had no idea what was coming for him.

Viego player secures an impressive solo pentakill in One For All

The Ruined King's invulnerability window is hard to overcome by opponets.

Gen.G look to spoil DWG KIA’s hopes of an international repeat in 2021 LCK Spring Finals

Two of the best teams in the world will face off for a chance to represent Korea at this year's

BMW releases new manga featuring League players from C9, G2, Fnatic, FPX, and T1

Welcome to the Rival Realm.