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PSG.LGD’s Jian Wei “xNova” Yap sat down with MAX+ last week during the WESG qualifiers. He shared his thoughts on some of the neutral items and explained how the support life changed with the 7.23 patch. He also talked about the new heroes, Void Spirit and Snapfire and what changes they should receive before joining the Captain’s Mode.

The interview was conducted in Chinese, and courtesy of Blair Zheng and Yuhui Zhu, we are able to share with you the English translation of the interview.  The original version can be found here.


How do you feel about your performance in this tournament?

It was okay, I’m satisfied with it.

What are your expectations for this tournament?

Of course, I hope we win, if possible.

Do you have confidence in winning?


The 7.23 update was released not long ago, and it changed how position 5 should be played. As a position 5 player, what changes are there for you?

I think right now there’s no difference between position 4 and 5. Support players are able to get more free gold, so they have much more to offer to the team now.

How do the neutral items influence you as a support 5 player?

I don’t think they are of much importance to me. I only get the items that the cores don’t need.

Does Chalice gets all the items, so none of them are left for you?

Chalice wants everything, so we can only get leftovers from him.

Is there anything you like in particular among all the neutral items?

The Mango Tree. It not only provides unlimited mana, but also provides vision around it.

So, have you tried out some unique spots to plant the Mango Tree?

Not for now. I think the vision provided by the Mango Tree is a bit too wide, that should be fixed. Also, the enemy team can easily scout your Mango Tree and cut it down, so I haven’t thought much about any special Mango Tree spot.

You just mentioned the vision. I have chatted with other teams, and they say it’s impossible for them to deward when they face you in the match. So, have you adjusted your warding spots after the release of new patch?

I don’t think what they say is true. In these several matches at WESG I feel that the enemy teams are in better control of the vision than us. Now the courier’s flying movement requires hero’s level and supports can only deward cliff wards when they hit a certain level. As such, now wards are usually placed at the entrance of the jungle, and we need to keep the enemies from dewarding there.

Sounds like it still takes a lot of adjustments and practice. As for the 2 new heroes, do you think they are suitable to be supports?

Void Spirit, no, because he’s a strong hero; Snapfire can be a damage dealer, so she can either be a position 3 or a support and go for team items.

Do you look forward to seeing them get picked in official matches in the future?

I think they need to be nerfed a bit further. They still deal too much damage compared to other heroes.

Your next competition is in Singapore. Since this is the first international tournament for you in the new season, what will be your mindset?

There are not many tournaments left before the Chinese New Year. The tournament in Singapore is the last big one, so we will do our best.

A lot of SEA players are on Chinese teams. As one of the top among them, how do you see this phenomenon?

I think it’s good for SEA players, because sponsors, esports facilities, etc. in Southeast Asia are not as good as those in China, and it’s hard for new talents to be noticed. Now a lot of Chinese teams start to pay attention to SEA players, so I think there’s more opportunity for new SEA talents to be discovered.

We wish you the best of luck in your next tournament and thank you for accepting our interview.

Thank you.


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