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Timothy ‘Tims’ Randrup joined TNC Predator in 2016, but he didn’t win his first Major with the team until recently when he won the Chengdu Major with the new TNC roster. TNC have started the 2019-2020 DPC season on a high, winning two tournaments in a month and have taken a big step towards a direct invite to TI10. In Chengdu, VPGAME did a small interview with Tims before TNCs upper bracket with Vici Gaming. Tims didn’t have a lot to say, but he spoke about the new captain March, their ESL One Hamburg victory and the teams confidence.

You’ve said a lot of nice things about your former coach Heen on how he impacted the team. How about March? In which aspects has March helped the team?

It was really sad to see Heen leave the team, but March has helped us a lot since he joined the team. March’s ideas are very similar to those of Heen.

You claimed the victory at ESL One Hamburg, the first tournament you attended with the new roster. Was it a big confidence boost for your team? What do you think about it?

Winning ESL One Hamburg gave us a lot of confidence. Before the tournament, we would never have thought we would end up as the champions.

When facing Alliance in the playoffs, they picked carry Night Stalker all 3 games. You lost the first game, but won the two games later. What kind of adjustments did you make?

Alliance’s Night Stalker was not really strong. We lost the first game because of their Chen, actually. Later we banned Chen, so we won.

You’ll be facing Vici Gaming next. Are you feeling confident about this matchup?

Yes, we are feeling very confident.

In this Major, there’s another team from SEA, Adroit. And all of their players are from the Philippines. Have you spoken with them?

We don’t have much chance to talk to each other during training, but I think the players on Adroit have a lot of potential. This is only their first Major, and they’ll get better with time.

You won both the first and the third WESG, and you’ve already qualified in the fourth WESG now. Do you have confidence to win another champion?

Yes, I think we can definitely win our third WESG championship.

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