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With The International 2019 qualifiers in full swing, each region benefits from true legends taking time to co-cast or stream some of the matches. During one of his streams, Vici Gaming’s coach Bai “rOtK” Fan engaged with his chat and revisited some historical moments from his professional career. He talked about the TI4 grand finals where he was playing in the offlane for VG, but he also gave his opinion on a more recent TI winning team.

Courtesy of our Yuhui Zhu we are able to share the English translation of rOtK’s talk with his stream chat.


Do you plan to take further actions for what has happened at EPICENTER?

Nah, if the MVP title had prize money of more than 100K RMB, I would stand out and fight it for my buddies. But there’s no prize so, I will just let it go. We all know who the real MVP is anyway. Also, if the MVP winner would have got a Mercedes, I would have fought for it.

Why didn’t they do the winner’s interview with you guys?

I don’t f***ing understand either. I don’t know what the organizer is up to by sending this host. Well, despite the fact that they made some mistakes, we still acted like the bigger man. When Miracle was on stage, I put down the trophy, listened to his interview and gave him a round of applause. But to be honest, we were pretty pissed.

What’s your take on Arc Warden?

He is always annoying to play against in late game. But, at the same time, he’s pretty weak in the early-middle stage. I think he needs some changes, maybe his “Magnetic Field” should not affect buildings.

Are you skilled enough to play position 3 in a tier 2 team?

Now I am only good at drafting and talking about strategies, I don’t have what it takes to play competitively even though I want to. I would get crushed in the lane. 

Didn’t you always get crushed in lane, even when you were a pro?

Show me some goddamn respect! I was known as the laning master. When did I get crushed by others? You guys have been memeing about my 0/7 game for 10 years, you just wouldn’t let it go, would you? Let me show you some other games: after Burning kicked me, I solo killed his Slark with Phoenix. I also tried offlane Rubick once, in that game I managed to solo-kill Iceiceice’s Invoker. You guys should talk about my glorious history instead of “0-7” all day. Now, even the newcomers know my 0-7 Wind Ranger and my Batrider game where I lassoed a ranged creep, while no one remembers how many titles I claimed with Batrider. Countless notable players were defeated by my Batrider. Good performance travels slowly, bad moments have wings. Yes, I lassoed a ranged creep, because Burning, the shot caller of our team, told me to ult the easiest target to kill. So, I lassoed a ranged creepy, that’s some next level execution.

About OG

All TI winning teams were the strongest team in that year. End of discussion. OG were the strongest team at TI8 and they deserved the championship title. Don’t find excuses for the defeat, LGD were strong at TI8 but they were not as strong as OG. 

About TI4 grand finals, VG vs Newbee – Mu and Super

Super wasn’t any weaker than Mu. If we only look at the results, Super was the runner-up and Mu was the champion. We got out-drafted by Newbee in the grand finals. But I blame Super for that, he should take 50% of the responsibility for the loss. During the grand finals, after we won game 1, Sylar and I felt that we should pick Brewmaster again since Super’s Brew solo killed Mu’s Alchemist twice in game 1. However, Super picked a Viper for me and Mu got to play Brew. In a deciding team-fight, we brought down Mu’s health very low but he used his ultimate and team-wiped us. And the rest is history.


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