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We are 10 days ahead of The International 2019, the perfect moment to start of the final countdown by sharing with the western Dota 2 fans an interview Royal Never Give Up (RNG) did with the Chinese website

RNG are the Chinese regional qualifies winners and one of the only two organizations that will have their logo displayed on the TI banners for the first time. They also have a couple of players who will make their TI debut in just 10 days. talked with the whole team during a break in RNG’s practice schedule and courtesy of our Yuhui Zhu we are able to share the English translation of the full interview.


Thanks for taking the time for this interview. Our first question is how are you guys getting along with your coach Super? We’ve heard that he’s really strict.

Our coach is really serious and strict when it comes down to scrims, but in daily life, we are all good friends.

How are you preparing for TI9? Will you contact western teams to practice together?

Besides our daily training routine, we added one additional practice game every day and yes, when the non-Chinese teams arrive in China we will scrim with them.

PSG.LGD have some really strict rules for their bootcamp, for example, players won’t have any access to their phones during the training. Do you have similar rules in RNG?

Yes, during the bootcamp we also need to hand in our phones.

TI9 will be held in China this year, does that make you feel pressured?

 Yes, definitely.

So, how do you cope with it? What does the organization do to help you handle the pressure?

They bought us a lot of snacks and ice creams. We relieve our stress by eating.

Which hero do you want to win the Arcana vote this year?


To Monet:
You are back to The International after two years. What changed for you compared to the Monet we saw at TI7?

TI7 was my first TI, now I’m more mature, calm and hungry for victory.

After the Epicenter Major, a lot of people expected to see Arc Warden being nerfed. But he is untouched, do you think Arc Warden needs some nerfs?

There are many Chinese teams that can play him well and know how to counter an Arc Warden lineup. So nerfed or not, there’s no big difference.

To Setsu:
Will the nerfs on OD in 7.22e and 7.22f impact this hero’s popularity?

There’s an impact for sure, but overall OD is still strong.

Have you ever considered another pro player as your idol or role model?


To Flyby:
Popular offlane heroes like Omniknight and Centaur got nerfed in 7.22e and 7.22f. What other offlane heroes do you think will get picked more often at TI?

Ogre Magi, or maybe heroes like Batrider?

To LaNm:
As a veteran, it’s not rare for you to see negative comments that question your skill or simply ask you to retire, how do you handle this?

When I look around and see how hard-working my other 4 teammates are, I just want to fight with them one more time.

To Ah fu:
Do you study how to play support from LaNm? What’s the most useful thing you’ve learnt from him?

Yes, I do. I feel the most useful thing that I’ve learnt from LaNm is how to read and judge a situation correctly.

You started your career in China back in 2017, how are you feeling about your life in China now? Do you hang out with xNova from time to time?

I’ve got used to my life here. And yes xNova and I go out and eat together when we are both free.

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