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While the European Immortal Division takes a break, the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division continues in full swing as the playoff stage kicked off today and saw two teams eliminated from the event – with only six remaining to fight for the $40,000 prize pool.

Over the weekend, the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division completed both its group stage and Play-In Stage as we saw the likes of Team Blaze, Adroit Esports and Cignal Ultra eliminated from the event – with LING ER disqualified earlier in the week. And following this, the playoffs kicked off today, which would see two more teams losing their spot at the event. Having played through and survived a series against Blaze, Execration had another difficult task ahead of them as Reality Rift stood in the way of their tournament survival. Having only formed with their current roster in early July 2020, and coming through the Southeast Asia qualifier, Execration were easily considered the underdogs to a team like RR.

However, having just made a few roster changes themselves, RR seemed to struggle to find their footing against their opponent and quickly succumbed to a 0-2 defeat. The loss will see RR eliminated from OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division, while Execration move on in the lower bracket – with their next challenger being decided tomorrow.

EHOME.Immortal were involved in the final lower bracket clash of the day at the event and after taking down Adroit just yesterday, they continued to look quite dominant. With a routine 2-0 victory over DeMonster, EHOME.Immortal destroyed their opponent’s tournament lives, while keeping their own intact for now. This win means that EHOME.Immortal are one of only three teams that were directly invited to the Asia Divine Division remaining – with the other three being those that came through qualifiers.

OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division kicks off again tomorrow with upper bracket action between 496 Gaming and For The Dream as well as Aster.Aries and Neon Esports – both which should prove to be amazing series as the teams fight for an upper bracket final spot.

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