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The Chinese leg of ESL One Birmingham 2020: Online came to a close on Sunday, June 7, with a best-of-five battle for the title between PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming, two teams with quite a lot of head to head matches registered over the last couple of months.

Ever since March, when the Dota Pro Circuit got suspended due to the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, PSG.LGD and iG fought against each other in official matches eight times already, PSG.LGD holding a 7-1 series win record over iG. The latest victory comes from today’s grand finals in the ESL One Birmingham China division. The battle started with a team fight oriented line-up from PSG.LGD, who opened the draft with Shadow Demon and Lina, both in the support role, meant to create the perfect set-ups for the Kunkka- Invoker-Lifestealer trio core. Heading into the game two, they emphasized on the early pressure and pick off potential brought by Queen of Pain and a core Nature’s Prophet, but while Maybe had a clinical execution, his carry was heavily punished by iG and the series was evened on the back of a Magnus-Juggernaut duo by iG.

Unfortunately for iG, who are waiting since April to take a series from PSG.LGD, that was the only game they could steal from their regional rivals. The third game went down in just 20 minutes, PSG.LGD running the show with a hard to catch Lycan. The final game of the series put Maybe in the spotlight once more, as he decimated the opposition on a 10/1/8 Templar Assassin.

Two more regions are set to find their champions today at ESL One Birmingham: Online. Team Secret and Alliance will battle for the Europe and CIS tile while Quincy Crew and CR4ZY will fight for the spoils in the Americas division.

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