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Dota Summit 13 open qualifiers winner team, Plasma1337x got penalized by Beyond the Summit and lost the entire roster after the team manager made a discriminatory post on the team’s Twitter account ahead of the series against beastcoast.

While calling the professional players from South America “cheap labour,” the Plasma1337x manager has also posted a now deleted video in which he expresses his indignation with the SA players accepting to play on lower wages than the NA representatives. 


A mirror of the video can be watched here.  

Right after the post was made, Beyond the Summit decided to forfeit Plasma’s series versus beastcoast and give the SA team a 2-0 default win. In the aftermath of all that, Plasma337x tweeted that they will leave the esports scene and deleted their entire twitter history.

Later in the evening, Plasma’s offlane player apologized on Twitter for the post made on the organization’s account and announced that the entire roster ended their ties with the sponsor. The five players will continue their Dota Summit 13 run under the No Pangolier tag.

Following the default loss from last night, the squad sits now at the bottom of the Americas group with a 0-6 game record. They still have a chance to make a recovery through the next week of the group stages, as they have six more series on the schedule.

beastcoast are now in the second place in the group with two victories and three draw scores while the group leaders are the former CR4ZY members, now fighting without a sponsor as well, under the catJAMMERS team tag.

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