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The latest patch in the Dota 2 arcade mode Auto Chess went live today, April 5, and although it doesn’t bring all the features found on the test servers a day ago, it still has a handful of new additions and plenty of balance changes.

The Sand King’s return with a new Race hinted earlier this week didn’t happen. Neither did the two new couriers, however, the user experience was improved by the addition of gold and levels display on the right hand side players panel.

Another new feature is the items dropping when a player is eliminated. Half of the items on the courier and on the chess pieces will now drop on random chess boards when a player is eliminated.

Balance changes:

– Decreased (6) Assassins’ Coup de Grace critical strike chance from 25% to 15%.

– Increased Death Prophet’s base armor from 0 to 5, increased base HP by 50.

– Increased Bounty Hunter’s base attack rate by 0.1.

– Improved Templar Assassin’s base attack rate by 0.1.

– Decreased Battle Fury’s pure cleave damage from 50% to 30%.

– Increased Scythe of Vyse’ Hex duration from 5 to 8 sec.

– Increased Heart of Tarrasque bonus HP from 1000 to 1200. Decreased bonus HP regeneration interval from 2 to 1 sec. Fixed descriptive texts.


– Reworked Tiny: Toss now launches the target at the farthest enemy at least 3 squares away from the victim, or at the farthest square from it, to deal damage and stun where they land.

Bugs fixes:

– Fixed a bug which Toss does not stun other enemies near the landing location.

– Fixed a bug which Zeus’s Thundergod’s Wrath has a chance to strike a target twice.

– Fixed a bug with Techies where Remote Mines placement can fail if the square is taken by other units.

– Fixed a bug with Doom and Mirana’s targeting logic.

– Crystalys now correctly has 20% critical strike chance.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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