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CS:GO skins are a real, profitable, large market. Although reliable data regarding its cash flow is difficult to obtain, in 2021 it will probably be worth more than $10 billion. In 2015, it was worth $2.3 billion, in 2016 $5 billion… Its rapid growth suggests that in 2021, it might be worth even more than $10 or even $15 billion. If these numbers are unimaginable to you, you’re far behind the market cap of the video game industry. Did you know that you can sell your CS:GO skins for real money?

The different ways of selling skins

With the astonishing market cap in mind, it’s easy to understand that there are multiple ways of trading skins. The most popular, safe and “official” one, is the Steam Marketplace. It’s a feature designed by Valve to make the trade a lot easier for players, and to avoid any scamming problems. But there is one significant and well-known downside – you can’t sell skins on Steam for real money. Sure, you can use your earned money to buy other collectibles or even other games, but there’s no way of converting these purely electronic funds into cash.

Fortunately, there are other ways of trading. Selling CSGO skins for cash is possible and legitimate. The only condition is: you can’t do it on Steam. That’s why there are multiple third-party services, sort of unofficial marketplaces. They provide the same kind of service as the Steam Marketplace, but they can also convert digital assets into real money. Let’s explore them in more detail.

Third-party marketplaces – are they safe?

Generally speaking, they are quite safe. Actually, the data encryption and privacy protection standards on third-party skin trading services are comparable to Steam. At the same time, they have multiple features which make them very user friendly and transparent.

First of all, most of them are designed to be cheaper than Steam. Usually, on such marketplaces as Skinwallet, you can get a price up to 20% or even 30% lower than the average cost on Valve’s official Channel. While scrolling through various skin offers, Skinwallet automatically refers you to the average Steam price. With that information in mind, you can always tell if the asking price on Skinwallet is too high or too low.

Skinwallet – the best way of selling your skins for real money

There are two ways of conducting a transaction on Skinwallet and similar sites. The first one is very fast, convenient and it provides a swift money transfer.It does not involve any negotiations or price adjusting. This Skinwallet feature is called instant selling, and provides the possibility of a fast money transfer to an e-wallet of the user’s choice.

The second way is a little bit more time consuming. However, for many players, it’s the very purpose of skin trading – selling CS:GO skins for cash on the market. In this feature, the user can ask any price they desire. Then, the offer will pop up in the search results for potential buyers. If it’s particularly attractive, it will be marked as a “Best Deal”. The main criterion to get this mark is to set up an offer with a high discount from the average Steam price. And thanks to the growing number of users on Skinwallet, any reasonably priced offer will find a buyer quite fast.

Are there any other ways of skin trading?

Frankly: yes, there are, but they’re not particularly safe. Some users prefer to avoid commissions that some marketplaces deduce from every transaction. Instead, they choose to put an offer on such sites as OLX, attach the skin description, set a price and hope for the best. Currently, there aren’t many players who decide to buy or sell CS:GO skins for cash this way. The reasons are simple: privacy and security. If you sell a skin, you can’t be absolutely sure that your customer will send you money after receiving a skin. And this works the other way, too: how do they know that you’re really going to send them the skin after you receive the money?

The answer to all these doubts is Skinwallet – a reliable, safe and efficient marketplace for all CS:GO fans.

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