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Professional Brazilian Counter-Strike player Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau stands accused of sharing private sexual videos of himself and the Renata ‘Elfa’ Schozen without her consent. The popular Brazilian Twitch streamer brought forth the claims on Twitter with evidence to support her accusation.

Schozen went into detail regarding a physical relationship she and fnx had started in 2019. She says that during this relationship, fnx recorded a video of the two during sexual acts which he would later share in a WhatsApp group without her consent.

Thanks to three individuals, she was made aware of the video being shared. While she understands that the video may have been made with her consent, sharing it among others is not something she agreed to or is okay with.

She provided pieces of conversations, a laid out story, and a screenshot of the video in her post.

She claimed to have “countless witnesses who prove” what she says and that “he may even delete the video and retaliate in some way, but this will not be in vain, I want justice for me and for all the others, I know that I’m not alone,” in another tweet.

In addition to her witnesses, she also provided an audio recording in which fnx attempted to find out who fed her this information about the video. “A girl sent me a message saying that one of you, not sure if it were the CS guys or Titan, who was in the group, can’t remember if I’ve sent anything… saying that one of you sent a video of mine having sex with some girl,” he said in the recording. “I’m gonna meet her this week and she’s gonna tell me who did it. I’m asking you guys to tell the truth about what happened, otherwise it’s gonna get worse later.”

fnx currently plays for Imperial Esports but is most known for his time under MIBR, Immortals, SK Gaming, and Luminosity whom he competed in some of the worlds biggest competitions.

With comments regarding a legal process being included, there’s no telling just how far this will go and the implications it will have once the dust has settled.

Photo: & Helena Kristiansson / ESL

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