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Na’Vi launches limited-edition T-shirt drop to celebrate s1mple’s all-time ace record set at IEM Cologne 2021

The Ukrainian superstar made history at IEM Cologne 2021.

CS:GO Dead? Not really

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has seen a dip in popularity in recent times. We explore some of the reasons why

MSL: ‘I have decided to create my own team’

The Danish tactician has found all the players and they're searching for an organization.

Sprout benches denis

The organization might go for an international setup once again.

Heroic parts ways with HUNDEN over ‘clear breach’ of contract

The organization claims the Danish head coach shared the team's stratbook with other parties ahead of IEM Cologne.

Version1 vs. T1: 7 years of NA CS:GO history packed into a VCT Challengers 2 opening match

A match seven years in the making.

Fnatic’s CGO cArn explains team’s decision to go international with CS:GO roster, plans for future in new video

A new era is starting for Fnatic CS:GO.

HUNDEN won’t extend his contract with Heroic

The Danish skipper also denied allegations that he shared Heroic's stratbook with other teams.

CS:GO player nails Dust II play he had practiced in the same day

Hard work pays off sometimes.

FalleN to in-game lead Liquid after CS:GO player break

The Brazilian AWPer will once again take over the calling duties from Stewie2K.

More CS:GO shuffling dance in motion

Froz1k, Lucky and RUSH head off to new teams to build their CS:GO career Several teams are seeing updates in