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5082 players fought for a slot in WePlay! Dota Underlords Open main event

Dota Underlords, Valve’s newest title hasn’t exit the open beta stage yet, so it doesn’t feature a tournament platform and

Lycan switches Alliances, Arc Warden and Primordials hit hard by the latest Underlords patch

The Mid-Season gameplay update brought some imbalance for the Primordials Alliance and especially for Arc Warden, who for the past

Tidehunter and Enigma to receive nerfs and Alliance changes in the next Underlords patch

A new Dota Underlords patch is announced to be deployed later this week and it will bring plenty of hero

WePlay! Dota Underlords open tournament reveals caster class bonus

WePlay! are set to organize an open tournament for Dota Underlords. Anyone who wants to try their luck can do

Dota Underlords Proto Pass is live and free for all players

Daily quests, banners, fireworks, and new things to spam through a match are a few of the features implemented in the

WePlay! Esports announces $15,000 open Dota Underlords tournament

Mark the dates: July 27-28! That’s when everyone will be able to compete in the open qualifiers for WePlay! Esports’

There is more to grind for after Big Boss 5, latest Dota Underlords patch reveals

Promised to be released on the 4th of July, the latest Dota Underlords patch went live in Steam and on

Prototype Battle Pass, reworks, tweaks and new items to come in Dota Underlords

Valve announced a new patch to be released for Dota Underlords this coming Thursday, July 4. Apart from gameplay updates, the

Tencent announces its own auto chess game: Chess Rush

If the auto chess (or autobattler if you prefer) genre was not saturated enough, Tencent has now also entered the

Tencent to co-publish Drodo Auto Chess in China

World largest gaming company gets even more involved in the autobattler uprising genre. Dragonest and Drodo Studio announced Tuesday, July

Auto Chess adds casual and team modes

There are three auto chess like games out there now: Auto Chess from Epic Games partnered with Drodo Studio, Team