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rOtK Officially Joind Elephant

On March 31, the official Weibo of Elephant Entertainment-DotA2 Club announced that rOtK joined the team as a coach, the

Rappy was exposed to a suspected case of COVID-19, OB.Neon chose to use Deth as a substitute

OB.Neon official twitter announced that they decided to use Deth as a substitute due to Rappy's possible exposure to a

Breaking: one COVID case found in Singapor Major

After a long wait of 14 months, the international DOTA2 LAN tournament finally resumed. On the first day of the

Vici Gaming's pre-game interview

The wild card tournament starts tomorrow! We've prepared some questions for Vici Gaming players to answer during this special time

PSG.LGD stopped using Nike uniform after the recent political incident

PSG.LGD just announced on Weibo that they decided to stop using their Nike uniform regardless it's PSG's sponser. National

Aster's Borax cannot make Singapore DPC due to Prostitution

From Team Aster's Weibo: Team Aster has set off for Singapore this morning. This is the first major trip with the new

Good Bye (at least for now)

Hi VPEsports users, UPDATE: Hold please..... This is Bing from VPEsports, the founder of VPEsports. Many of you may know from the

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi this is Bing from VPEsports. On behalf of every one in VPEsports, I would like to say thank you to

Latest dota2 stacking and pulling tricks in 7.27 | Stack and pull like a pro [ft. Earth Spirit]

Latest stacking and pulling guide in 7.27. Checkout the video for half pulls and common double

TI9 Media Day Vlog

VPEesports is present in Shanghai, China to bring you a full packet coverage from the biggest tournament of the year. The

Maybe at TI9: “Playing against is fun”

The International 2019 Main Event began today, Monday, August 20 with the crowd favorites, PSG.LGD fighting against for a