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George “Hyped” Maganzini is now the unquestioned best player in Artifact. The Team Liquid player won his fourth tournament title last night, taking the Artifact Bitcoin League.

Ever since he won his first tournament title at WePlay’s Strength tournament, Hyped has been on a tear. His first LAN appearance was a win too, a $4,000 payday at SeatStory Cup X. And then, a minor victory at Mainline.GG, just to keep in shape.

End of January, Hyped returned to competing in major draft events as OGA Artifact PIT rolled out, but his run there ended with only a quarterfinal finish. When the time came for the $2,000 Artifact Bitcoin League, he was already warmed up.

Hyped dropped only one game on his way to the top spot in his group and went on a killing spree in the playoffs. The champion finished with a 8-2 score against Gameking, HotMEOWTH, Freddybabes and Real_MAN to take the title.

How was such a dominant draft run possible? Well, drafting an absolutely insane deck would get you there.

There are Constructed decks that wish to be so fleshed out. Hyped’s BR Aggro not only had double Legion Commander — and thus six Duels — but also all the staple aggro minions: Bronze Legionnaire, Ogre Conscript, and Oglodi Vandal, all 3x. Oh, and a Red Mist Pillager and double Iron Fog Goldmine with a Payday on the side.

With this, Hyped’s Artifact winnings exceed $11,000 and he remains the highest-winning player in the game’s short history. WePlay Agility’s champion Georgy “MaggoGx” Khantashkeev is next with $7,500.

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