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The cost for a full Artifact collection has hit another all-time low. According to, a player will need to spend less than $70 to acquire a full set of every single card in the game.

This is a 77% decrease compared to the cost at Artifact’s launch in November. On day one, a full collection went for $300, with cards such as Axe, Drow Ranger and Kanna being valued extremely high. With the current outflow of players in combination with nerfs to these powerful cards, the prices have dropped significantly.

Of this $69 cost, the rares are naturally the most expensive part, making up for $55 of it all. This means that for $14 — less than Artifact’s original cost — you can collect every common and uncommon card and play Artifact on a budget.

With prices dropping, it is also advise to buy individual cards right off the market, rather than buying card packs from the store. The calculations show that an estimated value of a card pack is just $0.68 — a mere third of its market price of $2.

Although the low cost of Artifact’s cards stem from bad times for the game, it makes for a great opportunity to get into it and start collecting. Artifact remains the cheapest card game on the market, with the costs of playing Artifact and MTG Arena being significantly higher.

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