No matches

US-based Artifact fans (and especially the competitive players) were looking forward to the first weekend of April. Organized by Philly-based N3rd Street Gamers, the Chronosphere Cup was to award $10,000 prize pool as it gathered fellow card enthusiasts in Denver. The tournament was made more exciting yet by the fact that Artifact esports is not in the best state right now, putting it mildly, and Chronosphere Cup represented one of the rare chances to actually win some money playing the game.

With the set date approaching, the tournament organizers took to Reddit to ensure that yes, the cup will indeed happen.

“I understand that the game isn’t exactly in its best state right now, but we have already committed to finishing this out, so that is what we are going to do,” a representative wrote. “Maybe if we’re lucky we have a fresh patch to actually play the tournament on!”

As of today, however, Chronosphere Cup has been “postponed indefinitely”, the official website and the tournament reg page confirm.

The organizers haven’t used the word “cancelled” and have promised to give update once they reschedule the event, but the harsh reality is that this might never happen. Artifact continues its downfall still, and Mar. 20 saw a low point of mere 118 players. There’s no indication that the patch N3rd Street Gamers hope for will ever hit either.

Meanwhile, other big Artifact tournaments that were also supposed to happen never did. WePlay’s Artifact Agility tournament was slated to have its LAN finals Mar. 16 but never manifested and has also been pushed back, according to sources. WePlay have not responded to our request for comment.

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