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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive reigns supreme – at least for now.

The popular first-person shooter has grabbing the top spot for most-played game on Steam, passing Dota 2 in the player count rather consistently according to Steam Charts.

In addition to holding the top spot, CS:GO has broken its own record. The esport title has reached a new high in terms of average player count by reaching 416,689. While it pales in comparison to the peak concurrent player count of 850,485 in April of 2016, it is still a monumental number for an average.

This is especially important after a pitfall in late 2017 to 2018 when the game was steadily declining. The free-to-play release of the game helped to rejuvenate the titles player base and has certainly played a role in its surge back to the top in recent months.

It’s a combination of things, however, as CS:GO’s rise to the top has been done parallel to a drop in players for PUBG and Dota 2, it’s biggest competitors on the platform.

PUBG has struggled to remain truly competitive since other battle royale titles began to pop up and steal away its player base as it seemingly found difficulty in fixing many of its issues.

Dota 2 on the other hand saw a surge with the release of Dota Auto Chess and typically sees a bit more play around the time of The International each year before returning to more baseline numbers.

Whether or not CS:GO will remain on top is unknown, but its great to see the 20 year old franchise still bringing in players in this magnitude.

** We apologize as an earlier version of this article mistakenly put “viewership” rather than “players” in the title. It has been adjusted. **

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