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Yesterday, we shared what MTG veteran Luis-Scott Vargas thinks are the best MTG Arena decks to try right now. We found some of his choices odd — even if they had merit — so we decided to give you three more.

Mono white aggro

Mono red aggro might be the king of burn, but there’s no one better at killing opponents fast with creatures than mono white. The archetype was top tier before Ravnica Allegiance and it only improved with a few cards from the new set.

The list above, used by Nicklas “Tessin” Dittmer reached #1 Mythic rank. It uses all the core cards from the old mono white aggro and only includes a set of Tithe Taker. A nasty 2-mana card, Tithe Taker is the bane of control decks, as it makes their counter spell and instant-speed resources more expensive, earning important tempo for the deck.

There’s an Azorius variant of the same aggro deck, which splashes blue just to run a couple of Deputy of Detentions. This new RNA card is essentially a Conclave Tribunal with legs providing additional removal for the deck. Matt Dow ran this deck to 1st place in Star City Games IQ Niles.

Esper midrange

The Esper colors are often associated with the control archetype, but RNA provided the perfect soup of good value creatures for a midrange deck in this color palette to appear. Debuted by Weyatt Darby at SCG Open Indianapolis, this Esper midrange deck is one of the most fun to play in the current meta.

The deck has a powerful early game curve. It opens with Hero of Precinct One, which triggers on every spell thereafter, creating a pesky army of 1/1 tokens. An ideal curve would then feature a Thief of Sanity on T3, Seraph of the Scales on T4 and Lyra on T5. A game win often follows after that.

In the case where the deck has to play defense, it has plenty of answers. Deputy of Detention is one of the best Azorius creatures in RNA, while Basilica Bell-Haunt will drive mono red and control players mad. Hostage Taker is another irritating card that deals with problematic creatures and then steals them for you. The deck also runs hand disruption, point removal and card draw mechanics, making it truly versatile.

Izzet Drakes

Izzet Drakes was a popular archetype before RNA, which kind of got forgotten for a while when the new set launched. The truth is, RNA didn’t offer too many tools for the deck: all it needed was already in the previous set.

With the exception of Pteramander. A new 1-mana creature from RNA, Pteramander comes with Simic’s Adapt mechanic, allowing it to grow to a beefy 5/5 flier. The adapt grows cheaper the more instants and sorceries there are in the graveyard, and that, after all, is what this deck is all about.

A full set of Pteramanders have therefore pushed out some other win conditions that older versions of the archetype used to run, namely Arclight Phoenix and Niv-Mizzet. The current version is faster than the Niv-Mizzet builds and less reliable on reanimating Phoenixes.

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