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It’s been a good few days since Na’Vi got eliminated in the open qualifiers for The International 2018, but the battle of words between the organization CEO Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov and some of the Dota 2 team members hasn’t stopped yet.

Immediately after Na’Vi hit a new low, being eliminated in the TI open qualifiers, Yevhen Zolotarov tried to protect his players as much as possible and was the first to go on twitter and take the full blame on himself for the results.

“It’s a shame,” he said, “the guys tried, but this team is like a body without a head, and although the players didn’t give us too many options, I am the one responsible for this result. I will inform you about the future of our team next week.”



On the next day, Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk made a lengthy post on Instagram where he apologized to the fans, to his “current and former teammates” and to the organization. “Before anyone else, I have to apologize to Na’Vi and all the people who represent it and who have done everything possible to make sure I and my teammates were feeling well,” said Lil stating that this loss is extremely embarrassing for him, especially when he knows that a lot of people had faith in him and now he disappointed them.

Lil closed his post with “in the end, everyone gets what he deserves. I can’t say if this is the end but apparently, we have “earn it “. I deserve it”  

Совсем недавно стоя на сцене мажора поднимал кубок, а сейчас я пропускаю главный турнир года, не выйдя из открытых квалификаций Хотелось бы извиниться в первую очередь перед моими фанатами, которые все это время вместе со мной и переживают все мои успехи и неудачи (я знаю Вы существуете). Также перед болельщиками Тэга, который для многих является чем-то большим, нежели сочетанием из 4х букв. Хотел бы извиниться перед моими бывшими и нынешними тиммейтами, я более чем уверен, что есть за что. Ну и конечно же перед организацией НаВи и всеми людьми, которые ее представляют. Со своей стороны они сделали все возможное, чтобы у нас и у меня все было хорошо. Простите, ребята.. Мне до глубины души обидно и за то, что все так, как есть. Невыносимо стыдно, когда такое огромное количество людей искренне верит в тебя, а ты не можешь оправдать надежды. В конечном счете каждый получает то, чего заслуживает.(с) Не могу сказать что это конец, но, видимо, мы это «заслужили». Я это заслужил.

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Na’Vi’s CEO replied extremely fast to what Lil posted by saying “these words are already a step in the right direction. And as a matter of fact, you are right, you got what you deserve”

Things didn’t settle here and although Lil hasn’t commented back, another teammate of his, one who is not known for sharing his opinions on social media, went today on twitter to point fingers. Victor “GeneRaL” Nigrini, Na’Vi’s offlaner got triggered by the apologetic tweets of both Na’Vi and Vega Squadron CEO’s and tagged them when he posted the followings:

“Laughing out loud at NAVIHarisPilton and VegaAlexey .You have weak players in your teams, so the results are in accordance with that. The players are the only ones responsible for all the losses. “They were trying” it’s not an excuse. People try at 1.5k MMR too.”



As the community strongly reacted to his words and asked him why he is not including himself in those players that are to blame, GeneRaL made a new post where he made clear that he was talking about all the players, himself included and players only, not the entire staff. “What I meant with my previous tweet is that the players are to blame, including me (not the management, not the analysts, not the coaches). Didn’t mean to insult anyone.”



While Na’Vi, Vega Squadron, and Team Empire can all relax now and make plans for the next competitive season, the CIS TI8 regional qualifiers are well underway with just four squads left in the competition. Team Spirit, FlyToMoon, Double Dimension and ESPADA will enter tomorrow the playoffs stage which will be played in a double elimination bracket. Same with last year’s TI, the CIS scene has just one spot available. Who will be taking it, it remains to be decided by the end of this week.


CIS Regional Qualifiers – 4 Teams to Playoffs

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