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Esports has taken the world by storm in recent years, being recognized more and more by the community beyond “gamers”. While many football clubs have become involved themselves, now Gareth Bale has moved into an esport partnership too.

Schalke 04, AS Roma and even West Ham United have found themselves in partnerships with esports athletes; FIFA generally being the game of choice for most of these football clubs. In recent years, gaming has definitely stepped up and now even football stars such as famous ex-Tottenham and current Real Madrid player Gareth Bale is stepping up to make his mark on the esports world.

Announced via his personal Twitter account yesterday with a short video which can be seen above, Bale confirmed that he would be joining up with 38 Entertainment Group, an esports managerial company, to create Ellevens Esports. While Ellevens will also begin their competitive run in FIFA later this week, there is a chance that we could see many of these organisations grow beyond the football focus.

In a statement on the official Ellevens Esports page, Bale had the following to say,

“On the pitch, the goal is always to win. With Ellevens Esports, that winning attitude is just as important.There are similarities between football and esports in that it takes real dedication and sacrifice to reach the top of your game. I am looking to recruit a team of world-class players for Ellevens across a variety of games. Unearthing new talent is an exciting part of the process and it’s been really exciting to be involved in selecting our line-up of players so far!”

As esports grows in both prize money, players, crowds and interest, it was only a matter of time before some of the well-known clubs, organisations and classic sport players would look to get involved. It will be interesting to see if Gareth Bale’s Ellevens Esports, or any of the other FIFA clubs do look to move away from football and into the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike or the host of other esports opportunities that are up-and-coming.

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