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The Red Bull Conquest has returned. Red Bull has announced its plans to run the event once again with some adjustments. The event challenges “the top fighting game players in the United States to RISE, RALLY, and CONQUER” the tournament circuit.

The circuit includes Street Fighter® V: Arcade Edition and TEKKEN 7, and newcomer Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] so fighting game players can get a little variety as they attempt to conquer their opponents.

Eight total cities will be host to qualifiers starting on August 24. Ultimately, the top players will make their wa to the Red Bull Conquest 2019 National Finals which are scheduled to be held in November.

Some specific bits of important information as to how the flow of the event will run were revealed in the announcement and include:

  • Hopeful players can attend RISE events to scout out competition and practice ahead of their region’s qualifier (hint: players can assess strengths and weaknesses of other teams for training purposes).
  • Competitors will then RALLY and compete to earn the top spot in their respective title at their local qualifier event.
  • Lastly, the winning competitors from the eight RALLY events in each of the three games will come together to form a team for the Red Bull Conquest national finals, where only one region will CONQUER and hoist the trophy for their region.

If interested, players can register for their regional tournaments at

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