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Apex’s April Fools’ prank adds 9-round Mozambique, buffs the P2020

This is the one day of the year when you can pick up a Mozambique without fear of judgment.

Apex Legends’ season 8 quest, Armageddon, resumes after month-long break

“Fairly intense couple of weeks, eh?”

Respawn ‘holding the launch’ of Chinatown Market skins in Apex Legends following CTM’s decision to rebrand

The skins “will come back with a fresh look” after the clothing line has settled on a new name.

Apex player highlights possible bug preventing Rampart from deploying wall

Remember this next time you're in the tunnel.

Bloodhound gets Sundown Desperado skin as part of Apex Legends collaboration with Chinatown Market

The apparel company made some outfits for a few legends.

Revenant’s chapter in Pathfinder’s Quest isn’t about who he was—it’s about who he became, according to Apex writers

We interviewed the writing team about the divisive chapter in Pathfinder's Quest.

Heat Shields are back in Apex Legends’ loot pool—but without fast healing

Respawn has reintroduced the gadget—with a twist.

Apex’s ranked split makes Olympus the new competitive map until the end of season 8

Say goodbye to Kings Canyon—at least in ranked.