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Dust2 has always been one of the maps that has been synonymous with French Counter-Strike. As Vitality are now in the playoffs of the EU Minor after beating OpTic in a bo1 on Dust2 and beating Valiance in a bo3 on the map, I thought I’d break down how they are currently approaching the map at the Minor.


I’ll break down the CT-side first as that will be shorter. Their default setup is as follows. NBK plays the B hold position with apEX playing the more mobile B-site player. RpK is primarily responsible for holding the long position and ALEX plays the supportive rotator. He can be in CT-Spawn, A-site, on cat, or at long depending on the situation. ZywOo is the star AWPer of the team and the primary weapon that Vitality like to deploy for their CT-side picks.


It’s only been a few maps, but the positions I’ve seen him play in include car, cat, the B-site, and mid. In general, he has a backup player that plays with him when he’s playing in mid or B. If he’s in mid, NBK will support him and if he is playing B, apEX will. If he’s playing in A, then he seems to be working with RpK and ALEX as they shift their positions and angles depending on either what he wants to do or the situation at hand.


Now let’s look to the T-side. Currently, I think Vitality’s best style of play on this map is the default centric one. The standard default they run is they have RpK and apEX clear B halls, they have ZywOo do the pick from mid, NBK holding the middle area, but in position to support ALEX, and ALEX holding the long doors area. From there they start to play double contact across the map. Some examples of this include apEX pushing out mid doors looking for a pick. If he makes contact and kills a player, then that notifies ALEX to try to make a play at long to exploit that pick. Or if Vitality have ZywOo play in B halls at the start and find a pick in the B-site, then apEX can play second contact and push out mid doors to cut off rotations.


In terms of overall roles for the team, I’d say apEX is the aggressive rifler playmaker and entry fragger. ALEX is a wing player who oscillates between making aggressive and passive plays. RpK on this map is a passive wing player. ZywOo plays the AWP (though I don’t think they run the strategy through him on this map), with NBK being the fill player (doing whatever is needed).


Overall, Vitality seem to have a good basis for this map, though if I had a critique for them, it’s their use of the long smoke nades. To be fair, they only used it in one of the rounds against OpTic. In that round, they took long and then rotated over to the B-site. This was easily read by OpTic, and I didn’t see Vitality use this play again in either match (though admittedly the one against Valiance didn’t go very far). That leads me to think, they don’t have that many variations to what they do after throwing out the smokes and taking the area, but we’ll have to see moving forward.


Overall, Dust2 looks to be their most competent map so far in the Minor.

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