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VPesports: First off, I just wanna go over what the ride has been like because you guys on compLexity haven’t had the greatest runs for a while. You’ve had little peaks but nothing too great and then you guys made roster moves and you saw some improvement back home but still people were doubting. Then out of nowhere, you guys go 3-1 and 3-0 to move through the next stage and here you guys are in the Legends stage so what has this whole thing been like for you?

yay: It’s been a ride honestly, when I first joined coL we weren’t in the best of situations we had a few players who didn’t even want to play. Like as soon as I joined some of them weren’t even wanting to play in the future so its been kind of a grind in dealing with issues. Now that we got picked up by the Dallas Cowboys we get players that want, you know, players that aren’t gonna leave for the next team because that was also a big problem. It’s like whenever someone got really good on your team they just move up and so now that we have financial backing from the Cowboys and the org has just taken care of us like no other. I don’t have a lot of experience with other orgs because I haven’t been in the pro scene for very long but people like stanislaw and ShahZam, those guys have told me how lucky I am to be in this kind of org. So after we had got those guys we stuck it out and kind of grinded. I know we went out in group stage a few times and didn’t do very well but I think that was inexperience I think more than anything like we weren’t use to Europe’s playstyle guess because we were able to play NA teams always very well like NRG and Liquid. We play them very well, we always have been but for some reason when we went through Europe we struggled it’s like we go in there we never played that kind of style before so we had a bootcamp in Europe



VPesports: Do you think confidence came a long way? Maybe you were confident but not too much and as you started to win do you think that pushed you forward into your next games here at the Major, like wow we can actually do this?

yay: Yea it definitely has. Going into it we got destroyed in the European boot camp so our confidence was like ehhh because we just got owned but once we got on the stage and stuff like that. The farther the tournament goes along the better we get because we review all the games we fix every single piece of anti-strating that the team did and it’s just a progression. In our opening game against Astralis we got destroyed but we fixed almost everything they did. We needed that loss on Inferno, it showed us a few weaknesses in our game that we’ve never seen before so we fixed it in a few more games. We kept fixing and fixing and just including you know and just changing stuff so it’s been an emotional ride honestly because I always  thought for the longest time it’s gonna take a long time to get the level I wanna be which is like here and winning, but it kind of just like jumped up and a lot of these teams don’t seem that hard anymore I remember after our boot camp watching some of these teams play and I saw some of the mistakes and problems that we dealt with already and thought these guys are supposed to be like absolute legends at the top of their game and here I am seeing flaws in their game



VPesports: Speaking of your boot camp, moses had mentioned in an earlier interview that it would be really cool to figure out what compLexity did during that boot camp because they came out so good, but you’re saying that you guys actually got smashed but that allowed you to see those mistakes and fix them for this event, is that basically it?

yay: Yea the boot camp introduced us to a completely new style. Like I said before, we were playing NRG, we beat them at the minor and even Liquid we always played so close, I mean they sometimes destroyed us but we were taking maps off them in practice. You shouldn’t use scrims to gauge how successful you are gonna be but taking maps off those guys feels pretty good and then we came to Europe we played a whole bunch of different kinds of teams it’s hard to describe they had a different style of play and they do different things that these American teams just don’t do. Some are more aggressive, some are more passive, and they have different takes, banana rushes, and stuff like that. Things we’ve never seen before and I was happy that we were getting destroyed so we could see that and fix it, have plans and reactions for it so we have prep for it so when we actually go to the Major we aren’t getting surprised by it



VPesports: How much do legends like Warden and Rambo play a role in keeping you guys mentally on the right track?

yay: Warden and Rambo are kind of like a duo. Warden gets very worked up about somethings, like he gets very emotional and he is a very passionate leader that keeps everyone in check but sometimes he gets a little too emotional and that’s where Ron comes in. He’s more of like a very stable methodical kind of guy. They both keep each other in balance and it’s a very good system to learn under like Matt is very good with the emotional aspect of the game and the mentality of how you should go into games, you know how should you approach a game better you know your overall attitude and Ron is very good at doing the things that are gonna keep you consistent like your die, even how you play CS, you should play it in a very checkmate kind of fashion. I guess Matt keeps you very fired up and Ron keeps you doing these consistent things so you can stick to your fundamentals don’t get cocky and stuff like that.


(Photo courtesy of FACEIT / Joe Stephens)

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