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EHOME are ready to welcome back the TI6 Champion offlaner, Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida. His recovery period from an arm injury seems to be over and EHOME’s coach,  Zhang “xiao8” Ning can finally focus on his work rather than standing in for the team.

Faith_bian has been benched since February when he suffered a serious injury during MDL Macau. His team hasn’t been the same for the past few months and from Minor Champions and top 6 team at the Chongqing Major, EHOME struggled to even qualify for a Dota Pro Circuit tournament. They sit now on the 12th position on the DPC ranking with just 589 points and need to qualify for the EPICENTER Major and a good result there in order to keep their ticket for The International 2019.

This past Saturday xiao8 talked to his stream followers and answered a few questions regarding Faith_bian’s return, but also gave a few details on the training regime of the team and the punishment applied to the EHOME players if they end a practice day with less than a 50% win rate.


How is Ehome doing?

We are doing alright, basically, we can beat any team but at the same time, we can also lose to any team. When I was subbing for Faith_bian, we practiced with VG and it felt like we still had the chance to win. Now that Faith_Bian is back, even though we haven’t practiced with them yet, I think on paper, we are stronger now. Our king has returned.

So you are saying Faith_Bian is better than you?

Wait what are you guys talking about? Of course Faith_Bian is stronger than me, I haven’t played competitively for 1-2 years and if Faith_bian wasn’t stronger than me, he would have been long gone due to “personal issues”. I’m just a sub and now the true king is back, we should be stronger now. I can only say we really need to qualify for the Epicenter.

How’s Ferrari?

Well 430 is getting better and better but he’s still not a “Ferrari” yet. Maybe he’s a “Toyota” “Honda” or “Audi” now, he still has a long way to go to be a “Ferrari”.

I feel like our offlane duo Faith_bian and xinq are doing pretty well, they are close in real life and both of them want to try hard and achieve good results. When we just started practicing 2-1-2 [laning] they would feed 10 kills within 5 mins, now they only feed 8 kills or sometimes they even land 10 kills.

Who is the player that gets the most flame?

Ferrari, he always loses his lane and his itemization is also questionable. The mid lane role is a really form-dependent one. There was one day when Ferrari played really well, we won all scrims that day and everyone received 500RMB as a reward. That day Ferrari just went ham, constantly getting solo kills.

What, 500RMB?

Every day we play 6 scrim games with other professional teams. If we win 5 or all of them, every player receives 500 RMB as a reward. If our win rate that day is below 50%, then every player will be fined 500 RMB. Is that a lot? Let’s be reasonable, as a pro if your everyday win rate is below 50%, it’s hardly a “good” result.

If a player gets fined everyday, he will lose 15,000 RMB (~$2,200) a month.

What the f**k… You are a freaking pro player, if you have a below 50% win rate in scrims every day then why the f… ok I should watch my language, then why would you choose to play competitively? If you are like that, don’t join an ambitious team, join a tier 2 or tier 3 team instead. If all you think is that you will get fined 15,000 RMB a month, just join a “steady” team where they pay you a fixed amount of salary every month.

I feel like xnova is the best support player in China. I don’t know if he’s the best support player in the world, but he’s definitely the best support in China. People always say position 5 players in other teams are players that have no individual skill, they would get picked up here and there, to make misplays. But xNova’s play is almost flawless and his warding is on point. One time, we were at a LAN and met the management of LGD. They told me why xNova is so good at de-warding: Before every LGD’s match, xNova would watch 5 or 10 most recent replays of their opponents before the match starts and study their warding habits. xNova is the combination of talent + skill +hard work.

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