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The wait is over! Immortal Treasure II and Wrath of the Mo’rokai are finally here…

Besides these, the 10 Battle Pass levels for surpassing last year’s prize pool have also been added with this update. It has been a long wait for Immortal Treasure II and the special event, Mo’rokai, but as per Valve’s promise, it has arrived on the 5th of July. There were some worries when the treasure hadn’t been released till 6 pm PDT, but it was released just past the 6 pm mark.

So what does Immortal Treasure II bring with it?

We have new immortals for:
Dazzle – Shadow Wave
Timbersaw – Chakram (Golden very rare)
Grimstroke – Stroke of Fate
Pugna – Nether Blast
Warlock – Shadow Word
Luna – Lunar Glaives (Golden very rare)
Lion (Rare) – Earth Spike
Ember Spirit (Ultra rare) – Flame Guard

Immortal Treasure II

Dota Cinema did a quick video of the effects of all the immortals and like Sunsfan said at the end, they all look good, each and every one of them.

Immortal Treasure II effects

If there had to be a winner, it would probably be Lion for the sick change the immortal makes to Earth Spike, with Lava making it’s way through the cracks. Besides that, the Ember Spirit immortal is also a close candidate for the best one from Immortal Treausre II. But as I mentioned, the artists have outdone themselves on this one and all the immortals look sick!

That now leaves us with the small issue of Mo’rokai. Mo’rokai offers the chace to earn 2000 Battle Points every week. The description reads:

The Mo’rokai – two mythic beasts of yore dormant for centuries – have been arrroused from slumber by Dark Willow and the encroaching battle of the Ancients.

From what it seems, the event will have two teams competing against each other – one representing one of the beasts. VPEsports will do a more detailed article on Mo’roakai in the days to come. For now, it’s time to open up all those Immortal Treasure IIs and pray to the RNG Gods that the rare immortals are in our destiny!

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