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Bulgarian side Windigo Gaming delivered the biggest upset at WESG 2018 Grand Finals. In the third quarterfinal, Windigo met the heavy title favorites only to eliminate them from the running 2-1, winning Dust II 16-8 and Overpass 16-13.

After placing top 4 at IEM Katowice Major, MIBR looked the most in-form team to win WESG on Chinese soil. The Brazilians had an effortless cruise through the group stage, after half the teams in their group had to bail out of WESG for visa or scheduling issues. Therefore, MIBR played (and won) only a single series against AGO to determine their seed for the playoffs.

FalleN and co. trampled their round-of-16 opponents Viva Algeria as predicted, giving them only six rounds total across two maps and expected to secure a semifinals berth against Windigo today.

After an 8-7 half in MIBR’s favor, Windigo put on an astounding offense as Ts to win nine rounds in a row to stun the Brazilians on Dust II. MIBR rallied to tie the score on Train but faced struggle once again on Overpass. The FalleN-led team had to fight for five rounds from a 15-8 match-point for the Bulgarians, but fell in the 29th round to be eliminated from WESG.

This is a monumental upset, considering the gap in class between the two teams. While Windigo had some success in the CIS and Eastern European scene, they had never played at a major LAN stage. The Bulgarians now await the winner of G2 Esports and Absolute and will join Fnatic and AGO Esports in the semifinals.

A top 4 finish guarantees a minimum of $50,000 for Windigo, already the best payday the org has had.

Photo by: Liquidpedia
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