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photo by Mineski

Earlier today we found out that Mineski’s Dota 2 squad had all been declined their visas, making their entrance into Ukraine for the final Minor of the season seem a distant dream – however, it now seems as though everything has fallen into place for the squad.

According to a post made on their Twitter a short time ago, Mineski thanked the team at StarLadder and a member of the Red Bull Esports team for assisting them in gaining their visas for the Ukraine event which begins tomorrow. After all seven visas were initially denied (five players, team manager and the organisation’s COO), it seems that now they are awaiting only the visas for their manager and COO – which is a relief considering that they might have a massive shot at getting to the Major.

In a Tweet from Zak Holman, Mineski’s Team Manager, a reply from Murielle ‘Kips’ Huisman, coach of compLexity Gaming, also highlighted that she would be hoping that the coL squad would have no issues for their Southeast Asian players.

At this moment in time it would seem that there are no further issues but we will keep an eye on the situation and have more information should any problems arise before tomorrow’s StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor kicks off.

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