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CIS qualifiers for the DOTA Summit Season 11 Minor brought redemption for, who haven’t been able to power through the MDL Chengdu qualifiers, and a rather good start of the season for HellRaisers, who are back to Dota 2 after two years absence. are at the start of a long journey towards TI10 with an incomplete roster. For now, their team consists of three players under contract and two stand-ins. Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok joined the team and switched to the offlane position, while the carry position is filled by Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko, a 17-year-old Russian pub star who caught Solo’s attention and for good reasons. Knocked out of contention for a Major ticket, epileptick1d stood out in the Minor qualifiers. In the second game of the semi-finals against Old but Gold, VP were 12K gold behind and defending against mega creeps. Their only hope was epileptick1d’s Naga Siren, who despite the horrendous deficit was the top networth hero on the map, and courtesy of a favorable Roshan fight 58 minutes into the game, VP were able to power through to take the series 2-0 and reach the finals.

jfshfh178 were VP’s adversaries for a spot to the Minor, and they tried to out-pace the CIS juggernaut with a Meepo in game one. However, they chose to play the hero into VP’s heavy AoE magic damage and Chen’s formidable healing power, on top of Necrophos and Omniknight. As a result, their Meepo plan didn’t work out, and game two didn’t go any better when they got ran over by epileptick1d on Bloodseeker.

After VP claimed the first of the two CIS slots to the Minor, jfshfh178 had another chance to bounce back via the lower bracket finals, which, in the new qualifiers format, are a best-of-five affair, although the upper bracket finals are best-of-three.

But, despite having more games at their disposal to make a mark at the start of the season, the jfshfh178 weren’t even able to take one game from HellRaisers and had to admit defeat after a clean 0-3 execution.

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