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Riot Games has revealed changes and details regarding the upcoming release of ranked in VALORANT. The game has been without its ranked mode since release, having kept it under construction since its testing in the closed beta.

It’s coming soon, however, and will look a little different than what you remember. The icons were changed for some ranks to make them stand out more from one another and the VALORANT rank was been changed to RADIANT to avoid any confusion.

It will also be “easier to play with your friends” Riot explains. The gap between two players wanting to queue together has been widened to allow for it, however, there is still a limit. “For example, if you’re an elite player, and your friend is still learning the ropes, our Competitive Matchmaking will still prevent you from being able to queue in order to protect the competitive integrity and experience for the other players in that match. “

You can see the update icons for each rank below:

Photo: Riot

They’ve also shared information regarding rank progression tracking. Each VALORANT Act will span “about two months” and players will be able to track their progress across each one.

We will start tracking your rank progress as soon as we launch Competitive with patch 1.02 behind the scenes, and soon after we will be providing you visible info in your Match History, and eventually in other locations in the client, around your overall performance for the Act. Rank progress we are looking at tracking are stats such as how you’ve climbed in rank over the Act, your number of wins, along with your wins at your highest achieved rank. ” – from the official article.

Ranked is expected to go live this week although there’s no official release time as of now.

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