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Once again, Riot Games has made an effort to reach out to its community in one of its most successful games, VALORANT, through the famous “Ask VALORANT“, a blog post where the videogame company answers the most frequently asked questions of the users and sometimes teases upcoming works for the game.

In the last post, different topics were discussed, but there were two that are quite more relevant since they are important for our game performance and our rank updates.

First, the topic that directly affects our game performance is the problems that VALORANT still has with the in-game audio.

For a long time, Riot Games has been struggling with this problem. The community has been complaining about the quality of the step sounds, and the videogame company tried to justify them, making clear that they were not able to fix it completely right now.

Obviously, the fans kept complaining a lot, and in the last “Ask VALORANT”, Peter Zinda, Audio Director, had to calm us when they were asked if an HRTF sound system was coming:

After apologizing for the feelings his last statements might have given us, Peter Zinda explains the situation that they are living through right now, with limitations and unsolved problems, but gives us a message of hope regarding the HRTF: they plan to start working on it next month!

The second relevant topic that we find in the last “Ask VALORANT” post has brought some hope for many support players.

It is very common that some people in a team are “forced” to pick agents like Sage during the Champ selection in order to have a “more sustained” draft, and after the game, his “so important” function is not reflected in their combat score.

In VALORANT, personal performance is very important to increase or decrease rank, that is why many players prefer duelists like Phoenix or Jett to get many kills and grow faster, while sentinels are condemned to have lower combat scores and thus, a slower increase of rank.

That is why Riot Games are planning to give more importance to the assists in our scores. Until now, only the “damaging assists” were taking into account when evaluating the personal performance, but in the long term, the company is looking into ways to incorporate non-damaging assists into our combat score as well.

That is what Ian Fielding, Senior Producer, communicated us together with some information regarding competitive games’ scores:

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