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Those wanting a beta announcement shouldn’t have to wait long if a recent report from is correct. The Polish website claims that the beta will kick off on April 7th with the announcement coming later today, March 30th. The report has a beta reveal time of 20:00 CET.

This announcement will feature a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and a special announcement video the report says.

Similar to Legends of Runeterra, it is expected a group of streamers will have access to the game and others who wish to jump into the action can earn a “drop” which will grant them beta access by watching the stream via Twitch.

The report states that “players will be admitted in waves, and subsequent servers will be started after examining the demand.”

“Drops on Twitch will depend on the number of servers and the capabilities of Riot. At the beginning, a relatively small number of people will have access,” it explains.

As of now, there’s no set end date, nor a duration for the beta.

The other big news from the article is the addition of a ninth agent called “Dillion.” Previously it was thought that only eight agents would be available on release, but a new report from Dotesports helps to back up this claim of a new agent, although the name is different. The report from Dot calls the new character “Breach” with a totally different look. The Dot piece directly refutes the claim of an agent called Dillion in the alpha test.

The article by Dot contains statements from playtesters claiming Breach is one of the game’s most powerful agents and event provides a list of his abilities and what they do.

“Breach’s “C” ability is called Aftershock, while his “Q,” “E,” abilities are dubbed Flashpoint and Fault Line. Flashpoint is, as the name implies, similar to a Flashbang, while the Fault Line ability is reminiscent of a Stun Grenade, which slows and sways the enemy’s aim,” the report reads.

From what the article says about Breach’s ultimate, Roll Thunder, it will probably see a change due to the “outcry” from playtesters caused by it’s damage output.

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