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Last June 23rd, Riot Games revealed the notes for VALORANT Patch 1.2, an update that would add competitive mode to the game along with several Agent updates, changes to Spike Rush, map changes, HUD/UI adjustments, and more.

The VALORANT community has patiently waited for Competitive or Ranked games to be available again, and this time had come… for a while.

Some hours after the new Patch 1.2 release, Riot Games’ Game Director ‘Ziegler‘ posted bad news for us:

There is a bug that makes us spawn with our enemies… funny, but urgent to fix.

This bug has been reported by several players, so Riot Game decided to shut Rankeds down and not turn them on until this and all other game errors are fixed.

A couple of hours after Ziegler’s message, VALORANT English official account updated the information with more bad news:

Despite they predict a day or two to have Ranked Games back, nothing is yet confirmed, and some other official sources tell us that it might actually be more than that. Like the Spanish VALORANT Official Twitter account:

We are evaluating the stability and looking for any problem with the Patch while it is being implemented in each region. According to what we observe, Ranked Games could be available in a day or by the end of the week. We will keep you updated”.

It seems like the bug is harder to fix than expected since it could take them the whole week to fix it… we will take a look to it and update with any other news coming from VALORANT official sources.

In the meantime, keep practicing normal games!

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