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VALORANT beta to be announced today, new agent found in alpha playtest - report

Those wanting a beta announcement shouldn't have to wait long if a recent report from is correct. The Polish

VALORANT new agent revealed: Sage and her abilities

On Thursday, Riot Games revealed yet another VALORANT agent — Sage. Hailing from China, Sage's abilities make her a supporting agent

VALORANT: Sova revealed in latest agent trailer - abilities included

Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent for their upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Sova has been debuted in the latest

Valorant will have a story, lore, & more

Riot Game has revealed that their upcoming first-person shooter, Valorant, will have lore similar to that of Blizzard's arena shooter,

VALORANT: Viper revealed in latest agent trailer

Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent for their upcoming first-person shooter, VALORANT. Viper is the new agent showcased in

VALORANT may not allow stretched resolutions according to a game dev

It looks like Riot Games will not be allowing the use of stretched resolutions upon release if we're to take

VALORANT economy system explained in detail

Similar to Counter-Strike, VALORANT is set to be based largely around an economic system that will allow players to purchase

Phoenix - first VALORANT character trailer revealed

Phoenix is the first character to be revealed via a video from the official VALORANT Twitter account. The game made

VALORANT will not have loot boxes or Agent skins, but will have weapon skins & battle pass

More details continue to roll out about Riot Games' not-yet-released game VALORANT, and now we know their plans when it

CSGO streamer that playtested VALORANT says abilities were overused in alpha gameplay video, teleporters in-game, & more

Following the recent reveal of VALORANT (officially) and the alpha footage, Piotr "izakOOO" Skowyrski shared some information regarding the game.

Riot CEO commits VALORANT to 128-tick servers, 30+ FPS on decade-old systems, improved netcode & anti-cheat

VALORANT has been unveiled as the game previously dubbed Project A and it's taking the internet by storm. The game