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Valve released a new Underlords blog Tuesday, talking about the upcoming big changes they are preparing for the game. The blog hints that Dota Underlords is coming close to getting out of beta with its Season 1, and gives a soft ETA of “in the next few weeks”.

One major change that wasn’t announce before but it’s a welcome one for sure is the Duos Mode. Available in both Ranked and Casual, players will team up with a buddy of theirs and face three more pairs in a 2v2v2v2 battle. There are no details given on how this will work, however — we’ll just have to wait and see.

The other two big updates have been teased before. One is the new Heroes and Alliances that will be coming to the game. The devs have previously confirmed that Dota Underlords will have a seasonal rotation (much like its League of Legends cousin Teamfight Tactics) and every season will introduce new sets of Heroes and Alliances, while benching others. We don’t know which Heroes and Alliances will be coming, but dataminers have found files for Chen, Clinkz, Dark Seer, Dazzle, Earthshaker, Pangolier, Riki, Rubick, Spectre, Storm Spirit, Sven, Undying, Vengeful Spirit, Weaver and Zeus.

The titular Underlords are also on the way, of which we have little to no info. In the blog, Valve hints that they won’t just be a cosmetic, but something that adds “fun and strategy” — an indication that they will affect the game through gameplay mechanics.

Dota Underlords itself has been in a state of constant change and improvement, as Valve has seemingly learned the bitter lessons from Artifact, actively communicating with the fans and pushing updates on a weekly basis. While player numbers still aren’t great, a major update and getting out of beta could lead to a serious uptick in player activity.

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