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The Underlords development team spoke in a recent blog about the timeline of updates they will be pushing to the game. According to the team, the plan is to push the so called “Big Update” in the first half of October, which is “one of the last milestones on our road to Season One.”

With Season One, Underlords will also be officially out of beta.

What’s in Underlords’ big update?

Quite a few things, apparently. The biggest thing are some new heroes and alliances. The devs have spoken in the past that they want to rotate a pool of units between season but for now, it sounds like we’ll just get more stuff added to the game. Six new heroes and three new Alliances will be added to the game with the Big Update.

On top of that, we’ll get an updated user interface, the Duos team mode, and the long-teased eponymous Underlords, of whom we know little to nothing. Shortly after the big update, Valve will officially launch Underlords 1.0 (out of beta) and add two more Underlords, the Season One Battle Pass, and the City Crawl — another feature of which little is known.

“You can expect any updates in the next few weeks to be more in the “bugs & balance” category as we prepare for the release of The Big Update,” Valve writes.

September 13 balance changes

On top of the Season One “teaser”, the dev team also released a fresh balance patch. Full notes are available here, but there’s the gist of it:

  • Tier 4 units will drop less frequently (5% less) from levels 6-8. This could bring down the power level of the “4-cost good stuff” strategy, which recently became popular.
  • Arc Warden’s health is nerfed on all levels (from [700, 1400, 2800] to [600, 1200, 2400])
  • Warlock Alliance healing is nerfed for level 2-3 synergy
  • Assassins will also wound the target on crit proc, reducing the healing done
  • Enigma’s and Disruptor’s ace effects have been changed / nerfed
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