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The big update for Underlords is nearly here. Valve and the Underlords development team have already revealed new heroes and alliances that will revolutionize the game, but today they revelead the new concept that is bound to make the game extemely interesting: A JAIL!

Here’s what the exact words from the update say about the jail:

Even though Season One adds 12 new Heroes to the roster, we have decided not to remove any Beta Season Heroes. You might be asking yourself: “Won’t this make it harder to Rank Up Heroes?”.

This is where the Jail comes in: Every 24 hours, a number of crimin Heroes are removed from the pool. This system will also make sure that when creating the list of Heroes to ban, that all Alliances can still be completed.

Not only we have found it adds a great variance to the game from day to day, but most importantly, we didn’t see any change to the rate Heroes can be Ranked Up.

The Big Update Preview Part Four- New Heroes & Jail

It might not seem like a big deal, but this is amazing! And there are two big reason this move from Valve is amazing:

(1) When Dota Autochess (the custom game in Dota 2) started getting more and more heroes, the game eventually became more about luck and RNG and less about skill, tactics and decision making. There is always a bit of luck involved in games like these, no doubt. But increasing the number of heroes beyond a point makes it a completely RNG based game. Having a few heroes on the bench for the day makes the field a lot more even in terms of which heroes a player has a chance of getting.

(2) Having certain heroes in jail everyday will make players put on their thinking caps and make the game more interesting. Suppose a player is comfortable with a certain build or a certain alliance is broken becuase a few particular heroes, the jail ensures not all of them are out there everyday so in a way, each day is like a new pool of heroes. Well, it won’t entirely feel like a new pool but players will have to vary tactics based on which heroes are jailed for the day.

The big update is supposed to arrive in October, which means it is bound to be released any day now. Time to formulate strategies based on the new heroes and grind to the next rank!

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