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TNC defeated Geek Fam in a best of one tiebreaker match that allowed them to move to the regional qualifiers playoffs. After a bad start on Day 1, TNC came back strong on Day 2 as they secured 5-0 victories of all their matches. If Geek Fam hadn’t lost 2 matches on Day 2 then this tiebreaker wouldn’t have even happened. Read the article to check how exactly TNC defeated Geek Fam. Match ID: 5138423876.

TNC vs Geek Fam
Game 1: Picks and Bans

Order of Picks and Bans

The initial ban phase was quite expected as both the teams banned each other’s strong heroes. The first pick by TNC was Tiny which was a good strategical pick that could be played at multiple positions. Rest of the picks and bans were quite normal until TNC picked Outworld Devourer and Doom in the end. Outworld Devourer had been a famous pick in SEA qualifiers against Dragon Knight and it is not a great counter but it works.

The biggest mistake by Geek Fam was when they last picked Wraith King. They must have decided to counter Doom as all the three cores in Geek Fam are not the perfect Doom targets. But it is unwise to pick all cores that are countered by Outworld Devourer.

Outworld Devourer impact:

Outworld Devourer’s ability Arcane Orb deals 11% damage of his own mana pool and the damage type is pure. Hence the right click attack damage of Outworld Devourer around level 18 would be 400 including some basic items such as Force Staff, Treads and Kaya.

Doom impact:

Even if Doom’s ultimate is less impactful, his third ability, Infernal Blade deals 8% damage of the target’s max HP per second for 6 seconds with the talent tree and sceptre buff. Hence, if Wraith King’s HP is 2500, this ability would deal a total of 1200 damage. The disadvantage of this ability is that damage type is magical hence if Wraith King has 40% magic resistance, then this ability would deal 40% less damage and it wouldn’t go through BKB. But still, 700 damage is a big deal. Higher the HP, higher the damage.

TNC’s road ahead:

TNC will face Fnatic in the playoffs on the 3rd day. Fnatic has remained undefeated in their group. If TNC wins this best of 3 then they qualify for Dream League Season 13: The Leipzig Major otherwise they move to the lower bracket where they would have to fight either Reality Rift or Cignal Ultra in a best of 3.

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