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With The International 2019 taking place in Shanghai, China, the cosplay competition will be organized this year by Perfect World. The rules, and prize pool distribution, however, stays relatively the same with the previous four editions of the contest.

First and foremost, those who want to sign up for the TI9 cosplay contest must be 18 years or older (as of July 10th, 2019), and must be able to lively attend two sessions of costume presentation in Shanghai, China on August 22nd and August 24th, respectively. Contestants don’t need to have a TI9 ticket in order to participate in the Cosplay Judging and the Winner presentations. Contestants without The International entrance tickets will be granted admission for the two Contest events.

In order to be eligible for the TI9 Cosplay contest, the participants must have a registered Steam account and must submit all materials for the costume by August 15th. Participants are required to provide work in progress and reference pictures via the registration form or email. If no such materials are provided until August 15th, then the participant may be disqualified.

Valid submissions must contain a Dota 2 character and be appropriate for all audiences. No nudity, pornographic and violent or graphic content is allowed.  

Costumes and accompanying props may NOT include: edged weapons, projectile weapons, props made of metal, bows or crossbows with strings. No liquids, gels, or any slippery or messy substance, no open flame, liquid, powder or “flash” paper, laser pointers are allowed.

Perfect World reserves the right to remove props that it deems unsafe or inappropriate.

Registrations are now open and can be done here. Deadline for registrations: August 15th, 23:59 (CST) and more details regarding the contest rules can be found on the TI9 Cosplay competition web page HERE.

A total of $15,000 prize pool is on the line once again. Fifteen contestants will be selected to enter the live event in Shanghai and each will be rewarded with $500. Four Skill Winners will be selected from the 15 finalists and will be eligible for one of the following prizes:

  • $3000 for the Best in Show Award
  • $1500 for the Best Technique Award
  • $1500 for the Biggest Transformation Award
  • $1500 for the Most Innovative Award
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