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Originating from the same Warcraft character, Drow Ranger and Windranger are in the end, the two faces of the same Lady Sylvanas. Windranger is reminiscent of the high elf ranger-general of Silvermoon murdered by Arthas while Drow Ranger is the “Dark Lady”, the one who was transformed into a banshee by the Lich King.

In Dota 2, Windranger and Drow Ranger coexist and they are a good combo when played together given the Drow aura. Drow is a hot pick in the current meta and Valve were fast to add an item set for her with the first Immortal Treasure of the 2019 Battle Pass. This might mean that it is unlikely to see another Drow Ranger cosmetic in the next Immortal Treasures or even in the Collector’s Cache.

Chris Archer is a workshop artist who goes by the nickname Toasty and who over the years brought to light plenty of amazing Dota 2 cosmetics. This year he has several entries for the Collector’s Cache and one of them is a Drow Ranger, pretty much in accordance with the overgrown, enchanted jungle ruins theme proposed by Valve.

Guise of the Shadow Stalker

Created by: Toasty

Although there are only two entries for Drow Ranger, Toasty says on his artist Facebook page that his set is “very likely to be passed over by Valve this year.” As many other workshop artists, Toasty is living with the eternal question of “where or what did I do wrong,” his post from earlier today is directly related to the work he put in for this year’s TI and reads as follows:

“This is a hard post to write. It appears that the Drow Ranger set is very likely to be passed over by Valve this year. I’m not sure where or what I did wrong on the set. I’m sorry for those that had their hopes up for the set and supported me during its creation.

Designing sets is such a hit and miss affair. It’s draining, stressful and confusing to miss out on getting feedback. I’m really not sure where I went wrong on this set. It feels like a very good quality set. I guess it’s boring, not interesting or trans-formative enough for Valve.. Anyways, signs that Drow will be not accepted has really taking the wind and motivation out of me for Jakiro. I need to reassess my approach to designing sets and try to improve.”

You can find more item sets created by Toasty here, and if you like one, in particular, don’t forget to give it a vote.

As previously mentioned, there are just two Drow Ranger sets submitted this year. The other one is proposing more of an elfish look.

Goddess of woods

Created by: Elaine

The elf clothing style on an undead archer looks interesting and it’s perhaps appealing to the Warcraft lore fans. You can preview the entire set here and vote for it if you would like to see it in the game.

Unfortunately, Windranger hasn’t received much attention from the artists either. She also has only two sets submitted. The centerpiece of the first one is focused more on Windranger’s hair style and has a chunky cloak. The other one looks prettier, with a nicely detailed bow and an Elfish look that fits the hero.

Lyraley’s all-seeing eye

Created by: The Crrreative

According to his Steam workshop page, this the first item set submitted by The Crrreative, so if you feel like encouraging an artist, don’t forget to vote the set here.

Reincarnation of the Soul Finch

Created by: HyrX

With more than 10 items already accepted in the game, including the Vici Gaming courier – Vigilante and the Fy Rubick set, HhyrX returns now with a Windranger masterpiece, which perhaps has all the chances to get accepted given the fact that the competition for this hero is scarce. You can check out the Soul Fitch set here.


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