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At The International 2018, Pain Gaming and a team of Chinese legends took on OpenAI. Both the human teams defeated OpenAI, but the Artificial Intelligence took it a lot more seriously than you would have thought. On 13th April in San Francisco, the OpenAI bots took on the TI8 champions OG in a best of 3 competition and defeated them 2-0. The bots keep getting better as they learn from every defeat and it seems like they sure learned a lot from their defeats at TI8.

Game 1 – 38 minutes

Game 1 was a respectable affair where the net worth lead swung back and forth between the two teams. OpenAI made a few quick buybacks which seemed questionable initially, but tended to work out in their favor nearly every time. The give and take ended eventually and OpenAI took all three sets of barracks and then the game in 38 minutes. They had a quad core lineup of sorts with Sven being a position 4 hero who did have considerable farm on him

Game 2 – 21 minutes

Game 2 was quite unlike game 1 with OpenAI annihilating the world champions in 21 minutes. This time, Sven played position 3, showing that the bots can adapt to playing a particular hero in a different position. OG just couldn’t get their foots out of the door and the game was over before they knew it!

The OpenAI team really has taken their creation to the next level. It will be interesting to see what is next. Maybe the team will try to incorporate more heroes into the program. There will surely be show matches at TI9 in Shanghai. This time, it might be OpenAI’s time to shine at the biggest Dota 2 event of the year!

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