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In what has to be one of the craziest series ever played in the main event of The International championships, OG defeated PSG.LGD 2-1 to make it to the grand finals. They led 1-0, but LGD made a comeback to level the series 1-1. The last game was a back and forth game, but OG managed to find the win on the back of some legendary plays and a few small mistakes from LGD.

Game 1 Draft

Ame: Drow
Maybe: Huskar
Chalice: Weaver
fy: Winter Wyvern
xNova: Witch Doctor

ana: Gyrocopter
Topson: Pugna
Ceb: Enchantress
Jerax: Io
BigDaddyN0tail: Wraith King

PSG.LGD bans: Chen, Nature’s Prophet, Morphling, Centaur, Arc Warden, Invoker
OG bans: Tiny, Vengeful Spirit, Silencer, Storm Spirit, Bane, Mirana


Gyro-Io has been a great combo at TI 8. But OG hadn’t really played Gyro, which was why LGD didn’t ban it. They had also beaten Liquid when they got the combo, so they let it through. LGD had the crunch last pick where they got the Huskar. But the mid Pugna was a masterstroke from OG, which did not let Huskar dominate the lane. Topson actually got a solo kill on Maybe in the mid lane, and you do not want to fall back while playing a Huskar. In the other lane, ana showed that he was as good on Gyro as on any hero he has played and when Jerax is playing the Io, there is the added fear factor to the pair. Ceb probably had one of the games of his life on the Enchantress going 16/3/19. Huskar never managed to take off, getting killed 13 times in the game. Even when LGD had the Aegis, it seemed OG were in better control of the team fight. Topson’s Dagon build may not have been best to kill of a Huskar, but when he brought down Ame from 70% HP to 0 in less than a second towards the end of the game, I’m sure Ame got the chills. N0tail’s Wraith King tanked many of the ganks when LGD came hunting, and Reincarnation ensured OG still had five members when a fight ensued. OG eventually ended the game in 49 minutes. PSG.LGD did manage a few unexpected holds, but the Gyrocopter, with the Wisp behind him, was just too farmed and powerful to hold out against.


Game 2 Draft

Ame: Clinkz
Maybe: Storm Spirit
Chalice: Enchantress
fy: Earthshaker
xNova: Crystal Maiden

ana: Bloodseeker
Topson: Invoker
Ceb: Magnus
Jerax: Lina
BigDaddyN0tail: Silencer

PSG.LGD bans: CHen, Nature’s Prophet, Vengeful Spirit, Pugna, Skywrath Mage, Monkey King
OG bans: Wisp, Drow, Tiny, Lycan, Spectre, Ursa


LGD got the Storm Spirit in game 2, a hero on which Maybe thrives. This time, Enchantress and Earthshaker made sure that ana did not have a good lane. The Bloodseeker was killed multiple times in lane. Topson got his signature Invoker and had everyone going crazy when he got a Meteor Hammer on the hero. The item is good for solo pickoffs, but in ganks, there is just no time to channel it. A Ques-Wex Invoker falls off as the game goes on and OG were depending on ana to take over, but that never really happened. There were some good synergistic plays from OG, but once Clinkz and Storm got their BKBs, they were pretty much unkillable in ganks. Storm took over as the game went on, and even though OG managed to RP and Skewer him into the fountain to kill him, it was too little too late. LGD took the game in 37 minutes. In this game, like the first, Enchantress played a major role for the winning team.


Game 3 Draft

Ame: Terrorblade
Maybe: Mirana
Chalice: Enchantress
fy: Clockwerk
xNova: Bane

ana: Spectre
Topson: Arc Warden
Ceb: Pugna
Jerax: Earthshaker
BigDaddyN0tail: Silencer

PSG.LGD bans: Chen, Nature’s Prophet, Vengeful Spirit, Zeus, Batrider, Invoker
OG bans: Wisp, Drow, Tiny, Storm Spirit, Undying, Queen of Pain


Game 3 of the series was perhaps the game of the tournament. OG opened with a Spectre, like they had in game 3 against Evil Geniuses. LGD brought out Ame’s Terrorblade to counter it. fy got his hands on the Clockwerk, a hero which has not been picked a lot this tournament but in the hands of a player like fy, is very effective. The game started well for PSG.LGD with Clockwerk moving all over the map getting pickoffs. After a back and forth game, LGD managed to pull ahead on the backs of some good ganks and pickoffs. Ana had to buyback to save the base from crumbling but died again. In the chaos, OG managed to finish off Terrorblade with the help of the unending magic damage they had. Knowing that ana does not have buyback, Ame bought back and teleported to join the team in an attempt to finish off the game. But OG were waiting patiently. Jerax went in with an inch perfect Echo Slam, and even though Ame Sundered to keep himself alive, without Metamorphosis and BKB, he was nowhere near as dangerous as he could have been. Dieback on Ame with Maybe’s Mirana dying with no buyback! OG just marched into LGD’s base to finish the game and make it to the grand finals of TI 8, a feat no one would have expected them to accomplish.

PSG.LGD will be heartbroken but they still have another chance in the lower bracket final. They will face the winner of Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid in the first series of the final day of The International 2018.

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